Connectivity is more important than ever

In a Cloud Connected world, Connectivity is more important than ever in allowing dispersed solutions to appear as one. Aura Group can advise your Organisation on the correct way to approach your overall connectivity design, as well as working with the UK’s best carriers to provide a reliable, cost effective, and manageable network.


Fibre to the Cabinet Ethernet offers a quick to deploy, reliable solution, with Business Grade SLA’s.

Ethernet First Mile

EFM is ideal for customers looking for a cost effective alternative to Leased Lines. Delivered over Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) technology, it’s uncontended and offers a lead time of just 30 working days.

Because EFM is delivered over copper rather than fibre, it’s cost-effective and ideal for customers who need a quick installation or have problems with fibre access to their premises.

Leased Line

Offering a dedicated service and delivering uncontended fibre access at high speeds – it has high scalability. Fibre also allows bandwidth to be increased quickly and easily in 10Mb increments in line with your business needs. The service is fully backed by award winning SLA’s.


MPLS is Ideal for companies with 5 or more sites and who have high bandwidth requirements between their offices. Using our nationally accredited MPLS environment, we can provide any to any connectivity between sites. All MPLS services are fully bespoke: designed to meet the needs of the individual businesses. With a full range of diverse and resilient routing solutions available, as well as the integration to leading Cloud, UC and SIP providers they provide a complete solution.

Benefits of our Connectivity Solutions:

Real-time control of our network – in your hands

Our network is one of the first in the UK to completely embrace automation and delivers a fully Software Defined Network. By placing automation at the heart of our business we are removing much of the complexity and overheads of running our network. The introduction of templates and standardisation means that we can give the customer real time control over their MPLS cloud, enabling many of the configuration changes customers frequently request, to be completed directly via an easy to use web portal.

Not just a network, but a whole readymade ecosystem

UK organisations are increasingly looking for complete solutions, not just components parts. That is why we have put our network at the heart of the wider IT and telecoms ecosystem. We can offer our own Backup, Cloud (private IaaS) solutions, as well as privately peering with the leading players in our market, to provide our Partners with complete and secure, on net, SIP, UC and Cloud propositions.

Network monitoring at your fingertips

Through our web portal we deliver the effective network monitoring that is essential to managing your network. It provides detailed information in real-time, so you can see what is happening, 24/7.

With full transparency of your network, we put the knowledge directly into your hands. With visibility of how applications and users are behaving, you can predict trends, plan effective change management and be alerted to unusual user activity or any network devices that may have been compromised.

Resilience is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity

Our network provides geographic separation of Internet connections, terminating several peering and Internet transit connections, in and outside of London. The Internet service offers additional resiliency through the provision of Internet breakouts via multiple different Internet transit providers and multiple separate peering connections/peering Exchanges.